Join Zero1 Without Losing Your Number

With Zero1 EZ Port, transferring your existing number over is free and hassle-free!

Port Now


Log in to Zero1 and
purchase our plan


Select Port-in
existing number


Enter your existing
number and current telco

Port After Current Contract Ends

Tell us when your existing contract ends, and we'll send you a reminder when it's time to break free!

Note This Before You Port

Porting terminates any existing telco contract and it may incur termination fees. Still chained to a contract? Tell us when and we will remind you to switch!

Only post-paid numbers are portable. Pre-paid numbers CANNOT be ported. Buy a new number if you are on a pre-paid plan.

Both the old and new telco must be registered under the same name and ID. If it is not, you may still buy a plan and do a transfer of ownership.

Check out our FAQ for detailed porting requirements.

Now, Let the Magic Happen!

After you've completed the EZ Port process, here's what happens:


Hello there NUS students and employees!
Today is your lucky day.

Enjoy exclusive savings for the first 6 months.

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